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Dude mannnn. Big ups to people in school or have been through school because this shit is stressful. But also big ups to people not in school doing your thing because that shit is stressful. Also I would like to thank Kanye for the college dropout album because that album has me stressed out.


Drinking problems in young people are often written off as a symptom of being in your twenties. I have been sober for almost seven months now, and having also just turned 21, this often seems like an act of futility. In this piece, I attempt to visually communicate my struggles and frustrations with sobriety.

Patricia Ann Alvarado

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Emma Sulkowicz. 


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*Slow and steady wins the race* is what I chant to myself when I’m prairie doggin it. Don’t push it out dude, let it fall.

Dude like honestly I don’t have time to be afraid of public restrooms. I carry some Clorox wipes man because this coffee gimme the runs. I am not the type to hold a shit it. Like tf… That’s what the bathroom is for and I’m gonna blow it up if I need to. It’s a basic human right.

Anonymous inquired You smoke cigarettes yes (???)) my question is do you need to counteract the effects on your vocal chords by doing exercise or were you just born with indestructible, magical vocal chords that don't need any extra help?? I don't sing as much as I used to and I want to stet again but I've been smoking a lot over the last year and my voice is weak as heck now and it really, really, really bums me out. If ya have any tips, would you be kind enough to share? you sound spectacular!! :0)

Uhm well, I don’t do vocal exercises. I don’t smoke a lot either. Like it’s not a regular thing I do unless i’m drinking. I don’t really practice singing either haha so I’m kinda useless. But drink a lot of water, also lay on. You back and sing it helps with vocal control and makes your diaphragm stronger. Who know I think that’s what I remember or I’m just making shit up. That’s what they did on American Idol. You ever seen from justin to Kelly? That shit was wild…


Waiting on the world to change,

and possibly raise minimum wage so I can live a comfortable life where i don’t live paycheck to paycheck going to work full time and working full time.

John Mayer please donate, if you don’t you’re a fake ass bitch.