Just doing some creed blogging :^)

Okay woah, like have you guys listened to human clay? Like…it’s really deep. I feel like a raging republican.

Okay like everyone needs to chill because this Creed tape goes…

Yeah it is lmao, but like….yeah you’re right.


The Lego movie goes so fucking hard WTF.

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here’s my hottest summer outfit 

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LOST SELF is now available to stream and download for free here !!!!!!

"lost self" is a collection of songs that were written and recorded between july 2013 and july 2014. together, they reveal how i dealt with everything that plagued me in the past year, and how i managed to find temporary solace.

clear cassette tapes encased with pressed flowers (along with a few other goodies) will be available very soon, through my very good friend quietyearrecords.

1. tired talking (1:21)
2. PS you still do this to me
3. cheer wine
4. past tense
5. little spoon
6. faulty palmistry
7. lost self
8. when autumn comes
9. small spells
10. pinky promise with a thumb kiss

this is my first full length, and even though it is rather short, and most Godspeed You! Black Emperor songs longer than it, i hope you still like it.

thank you to everyone who has supported me.


aimee // queen of haze and reverb and the moon 

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