the morning after. 8/24/14. Photo by Emily Gray.

my precious baby love






me as nicki him as drake

My heart.

Β  Β  Β  Β ^same

taking all the photo cred for this baby

lord help me this was not supposed to make rounds

JAM ???

Siri said she could only set an alarm for the next day, but she said she would mark when September ends in my calendar? But even then she marked sept. 1? so I want a new phone because this is complete bullshit.

Siri can’t set an alarm to wake me up when September ends.


Hey my name is George (formerly deathexe/holycorpse2). My partner Dahlia (gendertrashfromhell) and I are moving in together this coming month. We’re not necessarily hurting for money but I am feeling insecure about the costs of living on our own. Both of us are leaving less…

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my boy β˜…ε½‘

Hmm at this show drinking white wine. It was nice and I enjoyed it.

imbedit hook me up w/sum

Okay I need to smoke some w**d.